About us

Platinum Company was founded by a group of Ukrainian investors in September 2004 in Chernihiv. The company's head office location has remained unchanged since that time.

The main idea of our business is to satisfy wishes of the Ukrainian consumers in a high-quality and inexpensive segment of the environment friendly, safe and durable products.

At the beginning of the company activity, a special series of kitchen sinks of high-quality stainless steel was developed and presented at the Ukrainian market under the Platinum TM. In order to satisfy the more demanding customers and due to an increase in the product demand in 2010, the company decided to expand the product range with the “Germece” TM sinks manufactured and imported directly from certified manufacturers in Turkey.

At the end of 2011, following new market trends, a decision was made to launch a new area of activity and open the “Chandelier” department under the “Sirius” TM jointly with European manufacturers and working closely with the design bureaus.

Thanks to a rapid development of the product range and our continuous efforts to improve the product quality the company has become a leader in the sale of kitchen sinks and chandeliers within a short period of time.

Autumn 2014 marked new horizons for the company: an increase in the electricity tariffs, the environmental situation and the other aspects required the company management attention to those issuse. As a result, an entirely new area of activity namely LED lighting was launched. Thanks to our cooperation with the world leader in this field, in particular Leedarson Lighting in China, the following products were developed and introduced: LED lamps, fixtures, spotlights and other lighting products.

In order to increase the company's influence, a decision was made in the summer of 2015 to open a company affiliate in the port city of Odessa, as well as to create separate sales teams in the other regions of Ukraine.

2016 - opening of an affiliate in Lviv and a representative office in Kharkiv; beginning of own production of granite sinks, and various chandeliers.

In 2017, the company actively developed its representative offices and retail network in Ukraine;

2018 – entry into international markets, particularly CIS and European countries, as well as the start of export of its own brands.

At present, the company is working with various plants, factories and supplier companies from the following countries: Turkey, PRC, Italy, France and Germany. The company range of goods includes more than five thousand items that are permanently available and upgraded in our warehouses, which allows us to respond timely and promptly to miscellaneous demands of our customers. Our own transportation and refined logistics ensure products delivery to the farthest regions of our country in the shortest possible time.

The united and friendly team of more than a hundred professionals gives confidence in a rapid company development in the future.